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Chapter 1.

In the beginning.... a bored simmer created Augusta Lexington... because she had nothing better to do. This resulted in a new legacy story.

This is Augusta Jean Lexington. She is a knowledge sim with the LTW of becoming a Mad Scientist.
Augusta is very shy, yet she is very playful.

This is her first day of the legacy. Looks like she is in a good mood. Lets see how long that lasts.

This is Augusta's modest home. It may not be much but she is quite proud of it.

Realizing she has to get a job Augusta sits down at the computer staring at the blank screen not knowing where to begin.

After a moments hesitation she flips on the computer and begins her search for a job in the Science career track.

Feeling a little depressed after her first day of work. I Think she expected something more exciting in being a test subject. On a lighter note she did get promoted.

With her promotion at work Augusta bought herself a shiny new car which she will probably have very little time to drive anyway but that doesn't matter it looks nice just sitting there.

This being a legacy and all We are always on the lookout for a man to walk buy... any man really. This interesting looking townie walked by and Augusta ran at him like a mad woman.
All seems good so far.

She was just a bit to eager for this townies taste and he wasn't having any of it. Poor Augusta, rejection hurts when trying to start a legacy.

She had nearly given up hope when this handsome man walked by. She proceeded with caution so she wouldn't frighten him away. Her charms seemed to work on this one.

Inviting the handsome man inside for drinks Augusta again being too eager and desperate for a man annoyed the young townie.

She wasn't giving up just yet. More flirting and talking and soon it was enough to send them into auto woohoo on the sofa. She enjoyed her fling but no chimes.

It had gotten very late and he had to leave right away leaving no time for her to flirt more and ask him to move in.

Maybe this townie isnt ment for her legacy?

Returning from work the next evening Augusta got demoted. She was quite upset about it. On the bright side she did bring home this adorable ginger hair coworker.

Spending many hours that evening talking with Geoff they became best friends. That soon lead to a kiss.

It hit them like a ton of bricks. They were in love. She asked Geoff to move in with her. He accepted happily and brought 12,000$ to the household!!

In the excitement of the evening Geoff dropped to one knee holding out a little box with a shiny little ring in it. Augusta excepted the proposal!!

They wanted to be married right away and not waste any money on frilly wedding decorations or a big party, so they were married right there in a private ceremony.

The magic begins. The newly weds hit the sheets for some woohoo.

Augusta talks to her new husband Geoff about his new part in the Legacy. He appears a bit shy and unsure of himself.

The next afternoon Augusta races to the bathroom vomiting in the toilet. Already?

Soon Augusta learns she is expecting their first child and potential heir of the legacy.

The young couple are blissfully happy about the news.

Time really flys by. Soon Augusta is in labor. She begins screaming and howling as her poor husband stands by worried.

...and they welcome a little girl to the family. Samantha Jade Lexington. Brown eyes and Brown hair.


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