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Name: Molly Rose LeSim

Location:Hidden Springs

Personality: Traits (Artistic,Bookworm,Eco Friendly,Frugal,Green Thumb)

Lifetime Want: Professional Author

Appearance: Red Hair, Green Eyes, Fair Skin, Freckles

Chapter 1

Molly has just moved to Hidden Springs to begin her life and legacy. She is starting off with very little money, her own plot of land and a very small
house that is furnished with the very basics.

Molly has just arrived at her lot and is eager to begin. She stands at the mailbox and has a look around envisioning something amazing for the future.

Molly enters her new home and heads straight for the computer and that's when her frugal trait kicks in, she begins hunting for coupons.After a successful
coupon search molly starts job hunting. She clicks away through the classified ads and comes across a job in the Journalism career path as a paper girl.
It isn't much but its a beginning and its in the right track for her LTW.

Mollys dream is to become a Professional Author, but until she improves her writing skill she will need to work a regular job to bring in some money to
pay the bills.

She is off to a good start with a new job, a new home, and determination for a successful career and legacy founder.

That evening Molly takes a trip to the town square in hopes of meeting a few sims. When she arrives theres a small group of women enjoying cappicino
and chatting. Molly walks over and starts up a conversation with one young woman named Ella. perhaps Ella will become a good friend for Molly
to regularly communicate with over her lifetime here in Hidden Springs.

Through Her new aquantance Ella she was introduced to Nicholas Firehawk. Nicholas is also in the journalism career track as Molly is suprised to learn.

Its getting late and molly heads home feeling somewhat successful but feeling her search for a potential mate is going very slowly.


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